Wahana Cipta Sinatria (WCS)

2020-04-08 08:38
PT Wahana Ciptasinatria was established in 1995 as one of four business units under the Cormic Technology Groups of companies, providing End to End IT Solution to corporate customer in indonesia Over than 23 years, the Company has positioned itself as the solution provider for Enterprise & Carrier Network for both data and voice network , we successes implementation to MNCs, Telcos and Goverment.

Headquartered in Jakarta and its Branch Office in Surabaya, our services encompass survey, assessment, implementation, commissioning, installation, maintenance, turnkey project management, and consultancy. In line with the new government policy of decentralization, the company is looking for business opportunities by expanding its presence in the other cities.

A) Company Size : 201-500

B) Business Category :

3) IT Infra Service

4) SI

5) Security VAD

C) Products/Solutions/Services :

1. Network Integrator

2. Network Security Solutions

- Network Security Solutions: Virtual Private Network Solution, Remote Access Solution, Virus Protection and Alert, Data Encryption, Security Socket Layer (SSL) Solutions, Bandwidth, Management & Compression, Perimeter Deployment and Management, Security Policy Design and Enforcement, Security Auditing, Intrusion Detection Prevention, Wireless Security and access control for WLAN, Hotspot and WiMax, Single Sign On Solution based on customer application and database

3. Voice Network Solutions

- Multimedia Communications - VoIP and Circuit Switching - Advance Solution

4. E-Business Application Provider

D) Security Product :

1) Network Security

2) EndPoint(System) Security

3) Data Security

4) Identity & Access Management

6) Security Consulting

E) Website : www.wcs.co.id