XecureIT (PT. IMAN Teknologi Informasi)

2020-04-08 08:38
XecureIT (PT. IMAN Teknologi Informasi) is one of the leading information security services provider company in Indonesia since 2005 where all of the services have been certified ISO 27001 Information Security Management System accredited by the British Standards Institution (BSI), certificate no. IS 586350. Our customers come from various sectors, such as chemical, consumer goods, education, energy, health, financial, government, information technology, manufacturing, mining, transportation and telecommunication.

A) Company Size : 11-50

B) Business Category :

2) IT Management Service

3) IT Infra Service

4) SI

5) Security VAD

7) Managed Security Service

8) Security SI

C) Products/Solutions/Services :

1. Education:

- SecurityFirst, Training & Certification, Learning & Exam preparation, Awareness Poster, Online Awarness Training.

2. Services:

- Professional Security Services (Information Security Consulting, IT Audit, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test, Tuning and Hardening, Computer Security Incident Handling and Investigation)

- Managed Security Services (Security System Administration, Real Time Integrated Security Monitoring, Regular Vulnerability Scanning, Daily Vulnerability Analysis)

- Xecure Hosting, Business Cases

3. Technology:

- XecureZone Architechture, Xecure Client, Xecure System, Xecure Admin, Xecure Forensic, Xecure Browser, XecureToken.

D) Security Product :

1) Network Security

2) EndPoint(System) Security

5) Security Management

6) Security Consulting

8) Security Operations & Incident Response

9) Security Education, Training and Awareness

E) Website : https://www.xecureit.com/