PT Securemetric Technology

2020-04-08 08:38
Headquartered in Malaysia. Securemetric is one of Southeast Asia’s leading regional players in the field of digital security with core focus into Software Licensing Protection (Software License Dongle, Software Protection Dongle), 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), Advanced Identity and Access Management, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI System) and Cryptography. Since incorporated in 2007, Securemetric has expanded strong local footprints with local establishment in Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and Philippines.

A) Company Size : 51-200

B) Business Category :

4) SI

5) Security VAD

C) Products/Solutions/Services :

1) Software Licensing Protection

2) 2-Factor authencation

3) Password Security

4) Hardware Security Modules

5) Public Key Infrastructure(PKI)

6) Advanced Muti-Factor Authentication

7) Digital signature

8) Crypto As a Service

D) Security Product :

2) EndPoint(System) Security

3) Data Security

4) Identity & Access Management

E) Website :