2020-04-08 08:38

PT Sydeco is an Indonesian company established in Yogyakarta. Sydeco is incorporated in December 2013. The company first focused on website development and graphic design. Along with the technology advancement and the needs of security from many companies, PT Sydeco then developed to become a company that focus on security to all activities through internet.

In 2016, PT Sydeco launched its first product: Secure System of Payment (SSP). Through this system, all mobile transaction will be secured from cyber attacks and hackers’ activity. SSP has three characteristics: total security, affordable transaction fee, and other benefits for banks and vendors. Today, SSP has been utilized by many companies to protect their financial transaction. Soon after SSP was launched, PT Sydeco continues the research to develop other security product, not just to protect financial transaction but also to protect all data stored in computers or in move.

In 2017, PT Sydeco creates Secure System Transmission (SST) and Archangel. Both products are based on Artificial Intelligence.

A) Company Size : 11-50

B) Business Category :

2) IT Management Service

3) IT Infra Service

4) SI

C) Products/Solutions/Services :

1. Payment Solution

a) Secure System of Payment (SSP)

- Cyber security based on Artificial Intelligence to protect all mobile transactions from any mobile support.

b) FundsTransfer

2. IT Security Solution:

a) Secure System of Transmission (SST)

- Safely store, send and receive un-encrypted data on and from a mobile phone or any other mobile or non-mobile device, such as a computer, using the internet to do so.

b) Archangel

- Archangel protects servers, computers, and other connected objects from cyber attacks and prevents the lateral spread of virus contamination.

3. Cloud Solution:

a) SydeCloud

D) Security Product :

1) Network Security

2) EndPoint(System) Security

3) Data Security

4) Identity & Access Management

E) Website :