PT Transformasi Digital Indonesia

2020-04-08 08:38
We are a company founded with idealism to bring Indonesia to a high level of digital literacy, especially in business. Design, plan, implement and manage your Information Communication Technology (ICT) system and turn it into a digital process by combining the latest technologies such as Cloud, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) and Mobile Apps to support the digital transformation process in your company .

A) Company Size : 1~10

B) Business Category

4) SI
7) Managed Security Service

C) Products/Solutions/Services

1) Solution
- ICT Consulting Services
- Managed Services : Managed Network Service, Managed Security Service, Managed Application Service
- Digital Enterprise Applications

2) Product
- Data Protechtion & Management

D) Security Product

1) Network Security
3) Data Security
6) Security Consulting
8) Security Operations & Incident Response

E) Website :