PT. NUMISEC International Indonesia

2020-04-08 08:38

Numisec is an Indonesian based managed security services provider. We help customers build a cross-functional security culture to execute on their digital transformation journey. Our portfolio of services includes solutions for security defence, application testing, and people enablement.

A) Company Size :

B) Business Category

8) Managed Security Service

C) Products/Solutions/Services

1) Micro Segmentation
- Prevent the spread of breaches inside your data centers and cloud environments
2) Runtime Application Security Protection
- Real-time detection, protection, and visibility of application security threats
3) Managed Security
- Hardening, Patch Management, Vulnerability Management, and Remediation of findings for Server, Storage, Back Up, Network, Load-Balancer, Firewall, and Database
4) Secure Coding, Runtime security Testing, Applicaiton Vulnerability Correaltion

D) Security Product

1) Network Security
6) Security Consulting
7) Security Maintenance & Persistency
8) Security Operations & Incident Response

E) Website :