2020-04-08 08:38

PT Gardasakti Teknologi Informasi is Cyber Security Company which delivers full range security services for organizations from small to large level enterprises, maintain a long-term relationship with clients by providing Secure IT solution to meet their needs. Established since 2018 in Jakarta with the young professional team. We provides various cyber security system like Security analitich and detection services, Advance persistent threat, Penetration testing and security analysis, IT Forensics, Managed Security services for your IT safety, than Security information and event management and log management and any other high security solution.

A) Company Size :

B) Business Category

5) Security VAD
6) Security HW/SW Reseller
7) Managed Security Service

C) Products/Solutions/Services

1) Service
- Threat Intelligence Management(Manged Security Operation Center, Managed Endpoint Protection)
- Vulnerability Management(Pen testing)
- Security Compliance Management(Risk Assessment, Security Awareness Education&Training)

2) Service
- Network Security
- Content & Data Security
- Network & System Monitoring
- Security Management
- Secure Cloud&Enterprise Mobility
- Encryption Solution
- Endpoint Security
- Disaster Recovery & Continuity Solutions

D) Security Product

1) Network Security
2) EndPoint(System) Security
3) Data Security
5) Security Management
6) Security Consulting
7) Security Maintenance & Persistency
8) Security Operations & Incident Response
9) Security Education, Training and Awareness

E) Website :